The RCM Team: Experienced, Professional, Full-Service

Mark Moser, President and Agricultural Engineer
Moser is founder and president RCM International. Since founding RCM in 1982, Moser has focused on methane production and recovery and nutrient management. He is responsible for development, design and completion of projecgts. In addition to dozens of projects in the US, his consulting services public and private clients for waste management and/or methane digesters in Armenia, Belize, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Romania and Taiwan. He has performed consulting tasks for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the AgSTAR program, and U.S. Department of Energy on pollution potential from farm waste, farm waste management and potential recovery of energy and fertilizer from farm waste. Other work has included environmental regulatory compliance consulting for farms and industries and expert witness services. He is a graduate of Cornell University where he received his Masters of Science in Agriculture Engineering with a special emphasis on livestock manure management.

Eric Fast, Program Manager Australia, Digester Design and Construction

Eric is RCM’s resident Program Manager and Construction Manager for Australia. Eric has 11 years experience at RCM and will provide internal design assistance and design review for the North Carolina project. Eric has delivered 5 digesters in Australia totaling $12M AUD in the last 3 years including 4 pig digesters. Prior to Australia, Eric performed in all facets of the RCM design and development of 40 digesters in the US. He is our client liaison, and manages construction schedules and subcontractors. He oversees digester startup and trains and supports digester operators. Eric holds a B.A. in Environmental Planning from Sonoma State University as well as a professional certificate in Construction Management from the University of California, Berkeley Extension.

Angela McEliece, Grant Manager Ms. McEliece manages the RCM grants program, utility interconnections and plays a key role in Project Development. Since her time at RCM she’s worked with over 40 clients to obtain grant funding from sources such as the USDA, NYSERDA (New York Energy Research Authority) Pennsylvania DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) and the California Energy Commission.

Djesley Paschoal, Project Design Engineer
Paschoal manages RCM’s Design Department, participating on the design and coordination of every project to ensure compliance and excellence of work according to all State and Federal regulations. Paschoal participates in creating and performing take-offs for construction materials and equipment, data collection and troubleshooting of digester systems within the U.S. and abroad. Mr. Paschoal devises and performs R&D experiments for the improvement of anaerobic biotechnology, as well as assists on lab procedures executed by RCM to assess digesters’ health and condition. He received a degree in Irrigation and Drainage Technology from the Instituto Federal Goiano, Brazil and is certified in Essentials of Green Chemistry through the UC Berkeley Extension.

Ryan Schrum, Project Manager As the newest member of the RCM team, Ryan has worked primarily on international projects in Australia. With a home base in California and multiple visits to Australia, he has managed (2) new turn-key digester projects in the state of Queensland to successful completion. The third turn-key digester project is currently underway and on track for completion ahead of schedule. In addition to project management in Australia, Ryan handles estimating new projects both in the US and internationally. Since graduating from college, Ryan has worked in the construction industry in multiple locations across the US where he has gained experience from various project types and roles. In addition to digester construction projects at RCM, Ryan’s previous experience includes small tenant fit-out projects, medium sized schools, and multi-million dollar hotels. He has experience in all facets of the construction industry including sales, pre-construction, estimating, scheduling, contract administration, and project management.

Ben Yoder, Field Manager