Beef / Cattle Facilities

With RCM Digesters, ranchers can turn cattle manure into clean energy and profitable byproducts. RCM works with beef managers to find the best options for their sites by looking at factors such as:

  • climate conditions
  • manure collection
  • total solids content (the weight of manure without water)

Complete Mix and Plug Flow digesters are usually the best options for beef facilities. A simple way to tell which digester is a good option is to look at how the manure is collected.

  • Complete MixComplete Mix digesters can be used when the solid contents level is less than 11%. RCM’s most technologically advanced digester, it is a good option for manure collected from cement floored barns where there is often minimal contamination to manure.
  • Plug FlowMost appropriate for collection of manure from dirt drylot, which often has rocks, sticks and other organics that can present challenges to a digester. Plug Flow digesters can handle solids content of 11-13%.

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