Pig / Swine Facilities

With RCM Digesters, pig farmers can turn manure into clean energy and profitable byproducts. RCM works with swine managers to find the best options for their sites by looking at factors such as:

  • climate conditions
  • method of manure collection
  • total solids content (the weight of manure without water)

Due to the large number of variables, RCM favors reviewing the pig site prior to recommending a digester type. The most popular for pigs are Covered Lagoon and Complete Mix.

  • Complete Mix – A good option for colder climates and where manure solids content is greater than 3% and where production is from farrow-to-finish or just finisher pig.
  • Heated, Stirred, Lined – A popular digester at large, international sites, this adds the functionality of heating and stirring to the simple design of the the Covered Lagoon to create a cost-effective solution.
  • Covered Lagoon – Favored in climates that are warm year round and where production is primarily sows or finisher pigs.

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