Your Farm

With anaerobic digesters, farmers can turn their waste management system into clean energy production.

Biodigesters process manure from a wide variety of livestock, including:

Many farm systems are also designed to handle additional organic wastes, such as produce. By receiving food waste from food processors or retailers, farmers get more energy from the digester, tipping fees from the processors and also keep waste from landfills.

Modern digester systems such as those created by RCM are tailored to handle different types of wastes in a variety of farm sites. For example, at some farms space is at a premium, while at others climate will impact the level of energy generation.

In addition to generating revenues – or savings – through energy production and cleaning waste, biodigesters can also produce other benefits: digested solids can be used as bedding for livestock or high-quality liquid fertilizer, while odor control is a prerequisite of local zoning permits in some areas.