RCM Case Studies: Proven Technology – Not Tests

RCM’s Grant Writing Services Help Dairy Cut Electricity Bills

Larry Castelanelli’s dairy milks more than 1,500 cows each day. This average-sized dairy had two main concerns: the cost of electricity and what to do with the large amount of manure produced by the cows. Castelanelli was impressed by the Covered Lagoon system presented by RCM Digesters. The biodigester had the potential to eliminate their monthly electricity bills, which typically ran into the thousands of dollars. On the Castelanellis’ behalf, RCM applied for grants from USDA Rural Development and the California Energy Commission via Western United Resources Development. High utility bills are now a thing of the past. The Covered Lagoon system includes a generator that runs on the methane from cow manure.

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Trading Odors and Propane Costs for Carbon Credit Income

Haubenschild Dairy produces some 60,000 pounds of milk each day – and 20,000 pounds of manure. This family dairy wanted to reduce odors and propane costs, which are used for heating hot water, the floor and predigestion. With their RCM Plug Flow digester system, the Haubenschild family not only cut their energy costs they also sell carbon credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

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Food Waste Brings Adds Up to Energy Profits for Dairy

Reinford Farm in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania didn’t just have an energy problem, it had a manure problem. But when the Reinfords installed their Complete Mix digester system, they had more capacity than was needed for their dairy. Profits came from a surprising place:  60 to 70 tons per week of commercial food waste, for which they receive $2,500 each week in tipping fees, and the addition of this waste doubled biogas production and maxed out his generator. He currently produces 140 kilowatts around the clock, enough to power the farm and about 100 additional homes.

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