Why RCM?

RCM Digesters have become the industry leaders in anaerobic digestion because of its proven ability to make systems that work. With the largest range of digester options, RCM systems are tailored to the unique site and business of each client. This maximizes energy production and waste management, while minimizing cost. With more than 100 installations throughout the U.S. and internationally, RCM Digesters uses proven technology that completes systems on time and on budget. RCM Digester systems aren’t just for single uses on individual farms. Multi-waste co-digesters that combine farm and nonfarm waste are in wide operation, as are regional digesters taking in waste from multiple locations.

RCM Services for Anaerobic Digester Systems

  • Expert guidance from early feasibility studies to final energy production.
  • Planning level cost estimates
  • Financing level studies with bankable estimates of costs and benefits
  • Turnkey design/build services for complete project installation
  • Construction services, including construction oversight, start-up and troubleshooting
  • Equipment manufacturing and supply

Expert Consulting

  • Electricity and by-product market development
  • Greenhouse gas reduction credit management
  • Nutrient recovery
  • Regulatory compliance and expert witness services

RCM Digester Technology Options

RCM offers the widest selection of digester types, offer options for differing wastes, climates and site locations, including:

 Digester Gas Use Options

  • Internal combustion engines to produce electricity: Reliable engine generators with easy-to-understand controls that can be serviced locally
  • Boilers for heat: Durable biogas fired boilers
  • Flares for safe odor control: Every digester includes a safety flare
  • Primary and secondary heat uses: taking advantage of energy options