Complete Mix


Complete Mix is a technologically advanced system designed to maximize the quantity and the quality of biogas production. The optimized anaerobic process also results in biological stabilization of the effluent and odor control.

Complete Mix digesters produce biogas from a variety of organic wastes that have a total solid content of 3 to 10 percent. To enhance energy production, the waste is headed and mixed to maintain a high level of bacteria. An impermeable material covers the top of the vessel to keep the biogas from escaping.

The components of a Complete Mix system generally include:

  • a mix tank
  • a digester tank with mixing, heating and biogas recovery systems
  • an effluent storage structure
  • a biogas utilization system

For technical information on RCM Complete Mix digesters, see RCM Complete Mix Technical Details.

Dozens of RCM Complete Mix digester systems are in operation throughout the globe.