Equipment procurement, scheduling and providing for adequate lead times for delivery are an integral part of RCM project services. RCM biogas utilization components have been developed into pre-assembled system modules that make delivery and installation of systems efficient.

The major mechanical components of a digester system are commonly available and have local dealers nationally for parts and service. Regionally recognized equipment suppliers who already routinely supply and service local area farm equipment are identified for common components such as pumps, mixers and separators.

Unique needs for engines fitted to burn biogas are procured and scheduled through long established equipment supply agreements developed with specific vendors.

RCM’s broad experience allows for advanced anticipation of equipment certification needs such as requirements that are often found in interconnection agreements.

Digester systems are designed by RCM to be installed by typical farm tradesmen and contractors. While RCM has long-term established vendor contacts, all procurement transactions are conducted in a manner that allows for competitive bidding.