Project Development

From the beginning of every project through hand-off to the operator, the RCM project manager at RCM will oversee all aspects of design, construction, and operation.  

Pre-project analysis gives a facility owner the time to visit existing RCM installations and to explore feasibility with RCM experts about their specific property.

Once the project formally begins, site design and system engineering begins to ensure the right response for the needs of the facility, including sizing the electricity generator known as a genset. Structural drawings are completed for the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering elements of the project.

A critical path to the project is the interconnection of the genset. The determination costs and scope of work can take three to six months, but once its delivered set up takes from two to six weeks.

RCM’s team helps with equipment and materials procurement for construction. The process includes preparing bid materials and reviewing submissions to make sure the most competitive bids are considered.

With construction completed, the digester is tested to 100% biogas production capacity. RCM also assists with utility witness testing and commissioning.